We present to you a new generation of polymeric coating based on organic materials that naturally decompose over time. 
Unlike other specialized fertilizers on the market, there is no chemical interaction with soil microorganisms and therefore it is safe for soil life. The polymer coating acts as a reliable membrane that encapsulates mineral nutrients and protects the roots from burning. The coating prevents the extraction or evaporation of nutrients and releases them over time and according to a model synchronized with the nutritional requirements of crop.
All formulations are developed in the specific N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K (potassium) combination and release pattern, to meet the basic nutritional needs of plants during vegetation.
The product's long lifeis only influenced by soil temperature during the application period, and not by other factors such as rain, irrigation, soil composition, soil pH, and bacterial life. The higher the temperature is, the faster the capsule releases the nutrients. When the temperature is lower, the release slows down and the process of releasing the nutrients lasts longer.
Depending on the design of the product, nutrients are released for a period of 2 to 18 months. The release period is predictable, there is no loss of nutrients.

The secret of coating

The controlled release technology of ALFA COATED is based on a polyurethane casing. A polymer molecule that surrounds and protects urea by gradually releasing nitrogen (N) according to plant needs.

Specifications of encapsulated nitrogen

  • • Granule size: 2,8-3,2 mm
    • Colour: ivory
    • Encapsulated nitrogen: 100%

Duration of action

The duration of capsule decomposition depends on the soil temperature shown below:

Soil temperature








Controlled Release Mechanism!

ALFA COATED products contain Nitrogen (N) in various forms (amide and nitrate), depending on the product, which provides balanced nutrition in the most suitable form for plants.