Start your crops with ALFA Start

Complex starter fertilizer N:P  10:40 + 2% Zn + 0,5%B

ALFA Start presowing fertilizer gives the best start to your crops. Rich in nutrients and with high efficiency, ALFA Start supports the rootibng and its initial growth, generates viable development and production of quality yields.

ALFA Start supplies nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc and boron, all of which are soluble and readily available for absorption by plants. In the form of micro-granules that are 20 times smaller than standard granular fertilizers, ALFA Start spreads evenly in the root zone. Small granules also increase the area of contact with the roots, thus increasing fertilizer efficiency.

The unique production technology ensures that ALFA Start is dust-free for safe and comfortable work.

ALFA Start is ideal for corn, cereals, soybean, sugar beet, rape, and all open field vegetables. 

Benefit from ALFA Start

  • Improves and accelerates growth
  • Supports the development of the root system
  • Generates homogeneous growth of plants throughout the terrain
  • Allows the use of low doses with higher efficiency

ALFA Start препоръки за приложения

Препоръчително е да се прилага ALFA Start  при сеитба, чрез апликатор инсталиран на   сеялката.

Препоръчителни дози